Have a car that no longer runs and is taking up space on your property? It’s time to get rid of it. A car that doesn’t run can be even harder to sell than an old vehicle that still runs, because cars that don’t run appear to be worthless junk. 

Although your neighborhood car dealers will tell you it’s a lost cause, your non-running vehicle still has value, if you go to the right person. (Hint: I’m the right person). 

To save you some reading, if you really want to sell a car that doesn’t run, make a deal with Car Sold For Cash. If you are looking for an honest and fair guy to work with, and simply the fastest, easiest and most enjoyable way to sell your car, please just call or email me, and I will personally take care of you. I answer the phone, and I respond instantly.

If you want to weigh out a few more options before giving us a call, take a look at the options below.

Try Fix It

There are benefits of trying to fix your car first. The trick is to sell it at a price that’s significantly more than what you’ve spent fixing it, so you’ll have to be aware of the cost of fixes to make sure it’s worthwhile. Chances are if your car isn’t running, fixing it is going to really hurt your wallet. 

If you buy, restore, and sell cars yourself regularly, then this may be a great option. If you haven’t got much experience in this arena though, it can be an expensive route to take. Taking it to a mechanic will add up quickly, and you’ll have to figure out how to get the car there in the first place. 

If you feel confident you can keep costs low, fixing your car is a viable route. If you’re worried your vehicle is a money pit, don’t waste another second fretting about it and give me a call at (801) 485-5111.

Create a Classified Ad 

Another way to potentially sell your non-running car is to create a classified ad and post it to your local news website (i.e. KSL Classifieds). Be sure to be transparent about the condition of your car so that you can narrow it down to serious buyers only. Since your car isn’t running, the chances of someone wanting to buy it are slim. 

It’s also important to note that this can be a grueling process that requires time, attention, and responsiveness. You’ll need consistent communication with interested buyers and, unfortunately, you’ll hit lots of dead ends. There’s also a huge possibility you’ll never be able to sell your car at all. Not many people are seeking out cars that don’t run.

Local Car Dealers or Scrapyards

Local car dealers are particular about the condition of the non-running cars they will take. They have uses for non-running vehicles, but only certain makes, models, and years, so your vehicle might not even be eligible. 

A car dealer is also much less likely to buy a car that no longer runs than a scrapyard. They buy and sell new and used cars and are likely not willing to spend time and money to restore yours before selling it. Be prepared for a price battle as well–they often will haggle until you practically give up the car for free. On top of that, you might have to figure out how to deliver the non-running car to them which is an additional cost on your part. And that’s only if your car is in otherwise good condition. 

Scrapyards may be more able and willing to take your car, but not many of them are willing to come pick your car up for free.

The Best Option: Contact Car Sold For Cash Today & Make A Deal With Us!

The very best way to sell your car that no longer runs is to contact us here at Car Sold For Cash. 

Our four main goals are the following:

  1. Buy junk cars for cash (including yours that no longer runs!)
  2. Buy slightly nicer-than-junk cars for cash
  3. Remove junk cars from properties
  4. Help people sell their used cars

We know exactly what to do with your car afterward and we’ll give you a great deal for it, too. On top of that, we make seamless transactions. We do business fast, and buying cars that don’t run is what we’re all about! You can trust we won’t take advantage of you in your situation. Plus, there are no additional costs on your part at all.

We’ll even remove the vehicle from your property for free to boot!

Just contact us, let us evaluate your car, and we’ll take it off your hands and pay you cash on the spot. We also have a wide variety of used cars for sale should you want to replace your old vehicle with a new one. 

What are you waiting for? Make the most money out of your non-running vehicle. Call me, Big Tane, today!



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