is Salt Lake City-based car removal service that puts their customers first. Hundreds of families a year are using our services to not only remove those troubled cars at no cost to them, but to also get a little extra cash in their pockets. We are here to make the process quick, easy, and stress-free. There are a lot of stigmas around the car industry that you must be careful who you work with or you’re going to get the short end of the stick. We do our best to provide resources on how to get rid of your car on your own terms, whether you’re selling your car to us or using our blogs to sell your car on your own. We want to stand out compared to other car removal services. We believe that honesty and integrity will always win in the long run.

The Gilkey Family had a big move with some unforeseen situations that included getting rid of one of their cars. It’s sometimes hard to part with a vehicle that carries so many memories, but the process doesn’t have to be heartless. It’s already hard enough to say goodbye. We have amazing car buying experts that will help you say your goodbyes and maybe even reminisce on the good times you’ve had with the car. Here is the review from the Gilkey Family, which you can also find through google reviews!

“Tane is the best person to go to if you have to move a car but have special circumstances. When I moved from Washington to Utah I lost my title and I called what feels like every other company to see who would take my car…

Tane at CarsSoldForCash is the only one who was willing to help. It was hard enough being forced to get rid of a car that meant so much to me, but having no one willing to help mad everything harder…that was until Tane. He made this process so easy and he understood how much I loved the car…

he even asked about its name and listened to me ramble on about it. I definitely recommend giving Tane a call if you are like me and need a vehicle removed.” – Gilkey Family Email, 5-Star Google Review

Not only are we here to help calm down the process, but we also want to make it easy. Aubrie was able to sell her car remotely to us because we sent the paperwork straight to her email. We do our best to work around your schedule.

“this place was awesome. they were efficient and fast. I couldn’t be home for the transaction. so they sent me an email to sign over so my husband could be the one home when they came. thank you for making it easy and fast to get rid of our car. we will for sure come to you guys when needed. 🙂” – Aubrie Perri, 5-Star Google Review

Whether you’re getting rid of a car because of space, a move, needing money, or if the car has been in an accident we are here to help! Sometimes after car accidents, repair costs don’t make sense. There’s no reason to completely lose out on your undrivable car. You CAN get cash for that wrecked car. We buy nice cars, junk cars, and wrecked cars.

“Single car accident left our car undrivable. Took it to a mechanic and decided it was too old to spend  $ on to fix. Talked to Big Tane who offered a very fair price to buy it. The whole transaction was done over the phone and payment made immediately to me via Venmo. Super simple and very fast. Great people to work with!” – Jared, 5-Star Google Review

“Big Tane was great to work with! He offered me a great deal and put a smile on my face after getting into an accident with my car. I was skeptical and felt it was scam, but he was real and awesome! I’d recommend him to everyone I know!” – Clifford Kekai, 5-Star Google Review

“Tane is a good guy very very nice to talk to he will take care of you. I recommend going to him very good person.” – Kendyle Smart, 5-Star Google Review

We want to make the process of selling your car quick, easy, and as enjoyable as possible! We ask some questions about the car and if we both agree our services are a good fit for you, we shoot over some paperwork to have you sign. We can write you out a check or send the money through Venmo to buy your vehicle. Once we buy the car from you, the towing process is all on us. We do our best to simplify the process! Most of the time, we are able to do all of this the same day you’re reaching out to us.

“In a moment of not being able to find the best solution, this place was very supportive and very flexible with the existing circumstances. He communicated very well through a very stressful moment. He made sure that I was comfortable and confident with the deal we made and was very open to listening and helping me out with my vehicle. Great customer service and people skills!” – Alicia Ruiz, 5-Star Google Review

These are real reviews, from Utah locals, pulled straight from Google Reviews. Making sure people have the resources they need to sell their car shouldn’t be a guessing game. It’s up to you if you want to press an easy button and sell your car to us. If you’re thinking that our services aren’t the best opinion for your situation, we have articles on how to sell your vehicle on your own. We hope to stand out compared to other car buying services and we are always happy to help you go over your opinions. We want to support our community as much as we can. is a, no-pressure, car buying service that will get that cash in your pocket as soon as possible. We have friendly car buying experts who want to hear your car’s story and make sure you’re getting taken care of. Getting quick cash for a car that is no longer serving you doesn’t have to be hard.