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Sell your car for cash today with Car Sold For Cash!  We have been paying cash for cars for over 30 years to the residents of Utah.

If you are selling a car that meets at least one and especially two of the following criteria below, there is a good chance it is worth more than just the scrap metal price; even if it has major problems. Sell your car for cash today by giving Big Tane a call at (801) 485-5111.

  • Has under 150k miles
  • 2006 or newer
  • The brand name is Toyota, Honda, Subaru or Nissan or any model Truck or SUV

*Big Tane Strictly Follows CDC Guidelines During COVID 19.

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We buy all types of junk cars whether it's running or not. Learn more about the value of your car and how much cash you can take home today!

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We buy all types of junk trunks whether it's running or not. Learn more about the value of your truck and how much cash you can take home today!

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Why Choose Car Sold For Cash in Salt Lake City?

We have over 300+ positive reviews on Google My Business and growing!
Do we buy cars outside of Salt Lake City? We primarily buy cars in the Salt Lake Valley, however, we also buy cars from Ogden to Provo, as well as Tooele to Park City.

Big Tane Wanless - Owner of Car Sold For Cash in Salt Lake City, UT


If you feel like you have a car that fits in this criteria calling around to different dealerships, salvage yards, and cash for car companies can be very frustrating. It can leave you thinking despite of all of it’s problems, my car has got to be worth more than this. If you are trying to get cash for your nicer or newer junk car, do yourself a favor and give us a call. More often than not we can pay more cash than all of the other offers you’ve received from other local dealers, salvage yards, or online cash for car companies.


When you call you will be greeted by a member of our highly trained and professional phones team. They will ask you a few questions about your car, and how much you are trying to sell it for. If your car seems to have some potential, in spite of all of it’s problems; we will take the time to send one of our experienced specialists to your home, your work, mechanic’s shop, or even the side of the road to do a no cost no pressure in person inspection. (Don’t you think that just makes a lot more sense than someone telling you how much they can pay over the phone before they’ve even seen it?)

Same Day Cash

The exact cash price we can pay for your car will be determined by our specialist. They will take 5-10 minutes evaluating your car to determine the top dollar we can pay for it. Our specialist will then make you a cash offer on the spot. If that offer works we will pay you the cash, take care of all of the needed paperwork, and even arrange to have your car towed at no charge to you if it’s not fit to be driven. If we can’t quite pay you the cash you are needing to sell your vehicle; no harm, no foul, and no charge. We will part as friends and wish you the best of luck in selling your car.


People tell me what a pleasurable experience it is when they deal with me and that’s something I never want to change. Maybe that’s why I have purchased over 27,000 cars from people just like you over the past 30 years! If you are looking for an honest and fair guy to work with, and simply the fastest, easiest and most enjoyable way to sell your car, please just call or email me, and I will personally take care of you. I answer the phone, and I respond instantly. I take care of my customers. Let me help you make your next sale an enjoyable experience for a change!

Give Us A Call Today For A FREE Quote!

Selling your car, truck, suv for cash is easier than you think. Do you want to sell a car? Do you have a junk car that is just sitting in your driveway? Sell your car or junk car now and get cash for your car today. Sell your car fast for cash.

Our Testimonials

We have over 200+ positive reviews on Google My Business and growing!

See what our customers say about the experience working with Big Tane at Car Sold For Cash in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Michelle H.
Michelle H.Salt Lake City, UT

“My husband and I and our two small children were taking our annual summer trip to visit family in Utah when our trusty 1998 Honda CRV with almost 200,000 miles gave up the ghost an hour away from our destination. There we were, 700 miles from home, stranded with a car that had huge engine issues that would cost more to fix than the car was even worth. Not feeling too hopeful about our situation, I got online to try and find a way we could sell our non-running car.

I stumbled onto Big Tane’s website and read all the testimonials from people who had done business with him before. I immediately trusted this man I had never met, based on what I read, and gave him a call. Tane was super accommodating and helped us out of a pickle by buying our car and getting it towed. I had to have a neighbor mail me the title to my car since it was back at home, and it wasn’t a problem as far as Tane was concerned. We ended up buying a used minivan from KSL classifieds to replace our Honda and named the van Big Tane in honor of the only man who I feel could have and did help us out of our unexpected predicament. Thanks Tane!”

ReneSalt Lake City, UT

"If your car engine blows up, you’d better hope it happens in Salt Lake City where Big Tane can rescue you! After my friend Alison and I drove 1200 miles in my Toyota Rav4 that I had just gotten in L.A., the engine blew up near Salt Lake City. We were on a deadline to get to Colorado in time to get my daughter moved out of her house within three days. The local Toyota dealer wanted $6700 to replace the engine, and that was more than the value of the car. Plus it was going to take two weeks to get the work completed, if I had them do the repair!

Late that night I found Big Tane’s website and sent him an email. He called me first thing in the morning, met up with me right away, and offered me far more than I ever dreamed I could get. He even took the time to let Alison and me follow him to the airport for us to get a rental car.

Since the title was at my house in Colorado, Big Tane gave me half the cash up front and mailed a check to me for the balance as soon as I got the title delivered to him. Prompt, professional, courteous, patient customer service with a smile is what Big Tane delivers, not to mention a more than fair deal!"

Angela C.
Angela C.West Valley City, UT

"I had been trying to sell this car for a while and through different outlets. No responses when I put it on KSL, flaky people who committed verbally so I held it, but they weren’t true to their word. I also tried Car Max but they don’t come to your house and seemed to me, more in the business of getting you to trade in for a new car. So I googled “where can I sell my car “. CarSoldForCash came up. I called and told Tane my situation. He was willing to come to my home (and was here in the time he said he would be) and after driving/looking it over bought the car on the spot. Thanks for lightening my load!!"

SusieSandy, UT

"Wow, it finally happened! The dead cars in my driveway are gone! However, not without the help of Big Tane . My credit union could not decide on how to deal with repossessing dead cars. So, after 3 weeks of negotiations with no results, Tane took over. Within two hours and with respect for all concerned, he swiftly schooled us in a way to resolve the issue. The cars were quickly sold and on their way down the road. He left all of us feeling empowered and satisfied with the outcome. I would highly recommend calling Big Tane to sell a car for cash in Sandy!
Thank you Tane!"

Jasmine J.
Jasmine J.Salt Lake City, UT

"Hi my car was recalled very suddenly and no dealer was willing to trade or work with me. Tane was so wonderful to work with. I have a very very busy schedule and no free time. Not only did they come get my recalled car they even were able to help me get into a new vehicle. I would highly recommend this service to everyone and anyone, their service is top notch and very professional. Keep up the great work!"

Lena J.
Lena J.Salt Lake City, UT

"Wow!! BEST SERVICE I’VE EVER GOT!! Tane was so knowledgeable, honest, fair and gave me great and fast service!! He came over to pick up my vehicle the same day and was very informative, helpful and fair. I am very happy and would definitely refer him to all my friends!! You’re in Great hands doing business with Tane!"

Clark C.
Clark C.Murray, UT

"I have called big Tane at CarSoldforCash at least 4 occasions. The reason that I continue to use this company is largely because of there superior costumer service. They are very friendly and have always resolved the removal and payment of my old cars in a timely and fair way. They actually paid me more than my asking price for one of my cars because it was the fair and right thing to do. I would highly recommend this company."

Michelangelo C.
Michelangelo C.Ogden, UT

"If you want want the best deal around combined with the best customer service you’ve ever had selling your car, than look no further. From the initial phone call, to one on one negotiations all the way to the signing of paper work I can honestly say I was completely comfortable. No hassle, no false claims, only fair and respectful dealings through and through. So why waste your time anywhere else, call them today and see why they’re so highly rated for yourself."

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33+ years strong and buying cars is still my passion!

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Our Focus

We do more than just buy junk cars in Salt Lake City. We are happy to help you however we can!

*PRO TIP: Not all cars that are 16+ years old, fall into the strictly junk car category. If you are the original owner, or your car runs well, and especially if it has under 150k miles your car maybe a diamond in the rough, and be worth a little bit more, even if it’s a 1998 or older.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • So, what do you do exactly?

    CarSoldforCash buys used cars and saves you the hassle of trying to find the right buyer. It’s common knowledge that cars last longer, go farther, burn less gas, and cover more miles these days. At some point, though, every one of those cars will outlive its usefulness. But, even if your car isn’t useful to you anymore, it could still be what someone else is looking for.

    Most car buyers use their current cars as a trade-in on a newer model. Dealers often advertise the ‘best deals’ on trade-ins and may even say that they’ll give you the best price for your car (even if you have to push it onto the lot). This isn’t the way to get the best price on your used car. Car dealerships give customers the same discounts, whether a trade-in is offered or not. That means you don’t get the value of your used car, they do!

    Getting the full value out of your used car is all about finding the right buyer. We’re experts at getting top dollar out of our customers’ vehicles, which means you don’t need to deal with the headache of wasting time and money on advertising. Call CarSoldforCash, we’ll buy your car from you!

  • What kind of vehicles do you buy? Do you only buy junk cars?

    This is where CarSoldforCash outshines other online cash for car companies. These companies usually buy only junk cars that they sell as junk metal. We aren’t limited to buying junk cars. Instead, we accept four different categories of cars and offer different solutions for each.

    Junk cars are the least valuable of the four categories. We remove junk cars at a rate of $200 or less. Do you have an old car that won’t run and has weeds growing around it? If so, selling it is probably more about getting rid of an eyesore than making a profit. Regardless of the reason, we still pay more money than other companies do. The exception is for cars that are very old and/or missing parts. In cases where it costs more to transport them than the junk value, we can’t afford to take them off your hands.

    At the top end of the spectrum are newer and nicer “junk” cars. These include cars that have fewer than 150,000 miles, are a 1999 model or newer, or are a Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Nissan, or any model of truck or SUV.

    Our other categories include ‘nicer than new’ and consignment of newer cars. Whether we buy your car outright or we help find the right buyer for your car, you can count on CarSoldforCash to get you the best price for your used car with the least effort on your part!

  • How it works?

    If you want to sell your used car, give us a call at 801-485-5111 or contact us with our online contact form. If you have pictures of the car you want to sell, upload them using the online form. We will look at your car and, if it’s priced right, buy it on the spot. You don’t have to wait for weeks, days, or even hours while we consider your offer. If it’s a fair deal, we’ll accept it right away!

    You may have been thinking about selling your car for some time. Maybe you weren’t sure of how to find the best buyer. Some clients have decided to sell their cars after they broke down on the highway and required major repairs they couldn’t afford. Sometimes the cost of repairs is more than the value of the car. That’s when it’s time to give us a call! When you do that, you save on the tow service and repairs. You also get money upfront for your car that you can use towards the purchase of a new one.

    At CarSoldforCash, we always give you a fair and honest quote. You know exactly what you can get for your car, and you never have to wait!

  • What if my car doesn't even run?

    Major issues like bad transmissions or blown-up motors are some of the reasons that people decide to sell their cars. These problems don’t just happen with older cars with high mileage, they also happen to newer cars that still have a lot of life left in them. The problem is that the owner doesn’t have the money or doesn’t want to invest the cost of repairs back into the car. Another problem is that, when the car doesn’t run, it must be towed from one shop to the other to get more than one estimate.

    Even if your car isn’t running, we’ll still buy it! Even if the value of the car isn’t enough to make it worth repairing, it may have valuable parts that can be sold. These parts might be worth more than selling it for scrap metal. You get the best possible deal from CarSoldforCash. The best part? We’ll tow your car for free!

    If your car stops running on the side of the road, give us a call right away. Otherwise, you could find yourself paying some hefty towing fees, and leaving it in the garage will lead to more issues over time. Request a quote from us today. You may be surprised at how much you can get for your car that isn’t even running.

  • What if I can't find my title?

    As long as your car has a valid title, we can usually take care of obtaining it. We know how easy it is to misplace the title to your vehicle. If you’ve moved or had a house fire, your title may be lost or destroyed for good. It’s possible that you didn’t even realize it was gone until you started thinking about selling your car.

    It’s a good idea to request a new title through your local DMV as soon as you notice the original is missing. If the original title is through a different state than the one where you live now, you need to contact the DMV in the state of title registration. Some states offer rush services for an additional fee.

    Once you obtain the new title, put it in a safe place where you can easily find it. You will need it when you decide to sell your vehicle through a private sale, to a dealership, or to a used car buyer like us. If you are ready to sell and don’t have the title, contact us. We are prepared to help you get your vehicle title so you can sell it as soon as you are ready. We are here to make the car selling process as easy for you as possible!

  • What is my car worth?

    Several factors go into determining the value of your used car. In general, the brands that have the highest value new also have a higher value when they are used. So, when it comes to determining the value of the cars we buy, the brand plays a major role. Other factors also include mileage, what kinds of issues the car has, and the cost of repairs.

    Your decision to sell your car might come down to whether it’s worth the price you can get. If you have an extra car and need extra cash for something else, your used car could be a valuable asset. The best way to find out what your car is worth is to either give us a call at 801-485-5111 or use our online quote request. Keep in mind that the value of your car will decline if it’s stuck in your driveway.

    You should also consider the value of the experience you get with CarSoldforCash. We take care of many of the details for you. You don’t have to worry about towing, title transfer, removing the license plates, or waiting to get paid for your car. You will get a fair price and get it on the spot.

  • Additional questions?

    We understand that selling a car is a new experience for many of our customers. This process naturally brings up many questions. Feel free to call us any time. We’re always happy to talk about your car and how we can help. We promise to take your questions seriously and help set your mind at ease.

    Take some time to read our referrals from our previous customers. It’s a great way to learn more about what to expect from your car-selling experience. Every situation is a little different. We like to think we offer real solutions that are right for the individual. Whatever the reason for selling a car, we want people to feel good about the price and level of service they receive from us.

    When it’s time to let your used car go, don’t settle for anything less than the best. We make it a point to be honest and trustworthy and have been buying cars from Utah residents for more than thirty years. We’ve heard a lot of questions and made a lot of deals. If this didn’t answer your questions, let us know! We look forward to doing business with you!

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