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How much is your car worth?

The million dollar question

During the 30+ years that we’ve been buying cars from Utah families and individuals like you; we have been asked, “how much is my car worth?” more times than we can even count. While determining the exact cash amount we can pay for your car is extremely difficult without seeing it; in the world of cash for cars, most vehicles fall into 1 of 4 categories.

Not Just Cash For Clunkers. We Buy All Kinds of Vehicles in Utah.

We buy nicer and newer junk cars in Salt Lake City, Utah

The first category is nicer and newer junk cars. Most cars that fall into the newer or nicer junk car category have issues of some kind. Whether it be a blown motor, body damage, or a bad transmission; if it is a newer car, or it has low miles it maybe worth fixing. Even If it’s not worth fixing it may still have valuable parts that make it worth more than just a scrap metal car.

If you are selling a car that meets at least 1 and especially two of the following criteria, there is a good chance it is worth more than just the scrap metal price; even if it has major problems.

  • has under 150k miles
  • is a 2006 or newer
  • carries the brand name toyota, honda, subaru or nissan or any model truck or SUV

Here are some examples of nicer or newer junk cars that we have purchased recently.

1997 Chevy Suburban
108k miles blown head gasket
we paid $300 MORE
than next best offer

2001 Subaru Forester
140k miles blown motor
we paid $1300 MORE
than next best offer

2007 Scion TC
110k miles, blown motor / body damage
we paid $450 MORE
than next best offer

2001 Honda CRV
195k miles, blown motor / body damage
we paid $250 MORE
than next best offer

2006 Chevy Uplander
95k miles, won’t start
we paid $50 MORE
than next best offer

2004 Ford Ranger
201k miles, blown motor
we paid $150 MORE
than next best offer

If you feel like you have a car that fits in this criteria calling around to different dealerships, salvage yards, and cash for car companies can be very frustrating. It can leave you thinking despite of all of it’s problems, my car has got to be worth more than this. If you are trying to get cash for your nicer or newer junk car, do yourself a favor and give us a call. More often than not we can pay more cash than all of the other offers you’ve received from other local dealers, salvage yards, or online cash for car companies.

When you call you will be greeted by a member of our highly trained and professional phones team. They will ask you a few questions about your car, and how much you are trying to sell it for. If your car seems to have some potential, in spite of all of it’s problems; we will take the time to send one of our experienced specialists to your home, your work, mechanic’s shop, or even the side of the road to do a no cost no pressure in person inspection. (Don’t you think that just makes a lot more sense than someone telling you how much they can pay over the phone before they’ve even seen it?)

The exact cash price we can pay for your car will be determined by our specialist. They will take 5-10 minutes evaluating your car to determine the top dollar we can pay for it. Our specialist will then make you a cash offer on the spot. If that offer works we will pay you the cash, take care of all of the needed paperwork, and even arrange to have your car towed at no charge to you if it’s not fit to be driven. If we can’t quite pay you the cash you are needing to sell your vehicle; no harm, no foul, and no charge. We will part as friends and wish you the best of luck in selling your car.

We primarily buy cars in the Salt Lake Valley, however, we also service from Ogden to Provo, as well as Tooele to Park City.


The second of 4 cash for car categories is nicer THAN junk cars. The line that separates nicer THAN junk from nicer newer junk is sometimes very thin. However, for the most part, cars that have a solid motor and transmission but need some other minor mechanical work such as motor mounts, or control arms or exhaust leaks fall into the nicer THAN junk category. Cars that need a motor or transmission replacement can also bump up into the nicer THAN junk category if they have an average trade in value of over $5,000 (cars that are worth over $5,000 when they are all done are usually clearly worth more than being crushed for scrap metal). We can typically pay a little more for cars that are nicer THAN junk, because they only need minor repairs or because they have a higher resale value.

Here are some nicer than junk cars that we have purchased recently

2008 subaru impreza
118k miles, blown motor
we paid $650 MORE
than next best offer

2012 Chevy Equinox
53k miles, body damage
we paid $1500 MORE
than next best offer

2007 ram 1500 4WD
108k miles, blown motor
we paid $2300 MORE
than next best offer

2001 Toyota Camry
122k miles bad power steering pump
we paid $900 MORE
than next best offer

2008 Chrysler Town Country
134k miles, needed new exhaust
we paid $300 MORE
than next best offer

2010 Toyota corolla
57k miles, body damage
we paid $625 MORE
than next best offer

We will help you sell your nice car

For those of you who are thinking my car isn’t junk at all. Don’t worry we can help you too. The 3rd cash for car category is called the nice car category. If you are selling a nice car with little to no problems the way we can help is by doing what we call a consignment.

A consignment is a fancy way of saying; you have a car you want to sell. And instead of doing the hours and hours of work and research it would take you to sell it yourself; you’d rather have a team of industry experts, with a network of over two dozen local dealerships do the heavy lifting for you.

A lot of people don’t quite know what they are getting themselves into when they try to sell a nice car on their own. They wonder do I need to fix anything before I try to sell my car? What dealerships are even paying cash for cars? Which dealerships would be interested in the type of car I’m selling? Who is the right person to talk to at the dealership? How do I know if what they’re offering me is a fair price? I really just want to sell my car without being pressured into buying one.

These are all valid concerns, and it can take hours of effort and brain damage to get to the bottom of them. Instead of putting yourself through such aggravation, why not let us lend a helping hand? We know what these dealers as well as private party buyers are looking for. We also know how your car needs to look and how it needs to run in order to sell for top dollar. The dealers in our network know that we bring them top quality cars, and if they want to buy a car we are bringing them they will need to pay top dollar. We also have the backbone and negotiating skills to deal with private party buyers that try to bully people into selling their car for a price much lower than what it’s worth. You can rest assured that if you decide to consign your car through us; we will negotiate hard and get you the most cash for your car that we possibly can.

Here are some examples of cars we have helped honest hard working Utahn’s like you consign in the past few years.

2003 Toyota Highlander

2003 BMW 540i

2005 GMC sierra

We remove junk cars

The final cash for junk car category is junk cars Junk cars are the least valuable of the 4 categories. The worth of junk cars is primarily determined by the current per ton price of metal. Metal prices are the lowest they’ve been in over 15 years. Junk cars just aren’t worth much anymore. in most cases the most money we can offer for strictly junk cars is $200 or less, and in some cases if your car is old enough or missing enough parts; we couldn’t even haul it away if you gave it to us for free because it would cost us more to transport it than the car is even worth.

The main factors that determine whether your car is a strictly junk car are the age, odometer, and mechanical condition. If you have a car that is a 1998 or older, that has over 150k miles, and has major mechanical problems or major body damage; it’s most likely going to fall under the junk car category.

Some examples of junk cars we removed recently are

1985 ford van
170k miles bad transmission

1995 for explorer
210k miles blown motor

1993 chevy lumina
180k miles body damage / exhaust leak

Not all cars that are 16+ years old, fall into the strictly junk car category. If you are the original owner, or your car runs well, and especially if it has under 150k miles your car maybe a diamond in the rough, and be worth a little bit more, even if it’s a 1998 or older.