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Sell Your Van For Cash Today!

We Buy Vans for Cash in Utah! Families need mini-vans, so it’s a shame to see one in the back of your garage collecting dust. So what do you do if you’ve got a non-working Van?

Sell your van for cash today, with Car Sold For Cash! Has your trusty van finally given up the ghost? Does it no longer run, and you don’t know what to do with it. Instead of letting it take up space in your garage, why not sell it for a much higher price with CarSoldForCash. We pay more than a junk shop or wrecking yard will ever give you. You may think that your van isn’t worth much, but you’d be surprised.

Common Van Problems

There are many reasons why your van might suddenly stop running or be unusable for other reasons. We may still be interested in taking your van off of your hands even if it has the following problems:

No Title? No Problem!

You have a van you like, and you got it at a great price. Then you realize it doesn’t have a title. Missing, damaged, and stolen titles happen. However, if you don’t have one, you cannot register your van in your state without a hassle. If you try driving your van without a title, you’re placing yourself at risk for steep fines and possible jail time. Instead of going through the hassle and tedium of trying to secure a title for your van, you can sell it to us and then put that money towards a new car or bills that need to be paid.

Problems Passing the Emissions Test?

You may have a van that seems to run fine, but you can’t legally drive it because it keeps failing emission tests. If you’ve tried changing gas, cleaning the exhaust, but that still doesn’t work, it may need an expensive fix that’s more than what it’s worth.

Emission test issues may be a sign of a problem with the entire exhaust system. There might also be some inefficiencies with the engine, which is causing it to leak toxins.

Transmission Problems

Like any part of the car, the transmission can be subject to a bit of wear. It’s prone to accumulate dirt, and when that’s left unattended, many issues can occur with your car. When you are low on transmission fluid, or it’s dirty, your transmission will start grinding, leading to damage. This can also happen if you use the wrong type of fluid or are neglecting maintenance. If your transmission fails, the entire car can stall and stop running.

Not Running? Blown Engine? Not a Problem!

blown engine can happen for different reasons. They are often more prominent in older models because of the engine’s age. One of the most common reasons for a blown engine is running out of oil. Also, if an engine runs for an excessively long time, it can overheat and fail. Blown engines are expensive to replace, and may not be worth it. So whether your van has a blown engine, or just doesn’t run and isn’t really worth the cost and hassle to get it repaired, we want it! Just give us a call!

What if My Van Is Older, Wrecked, or Has More Mileage?

We’re not going to turn you away just because you have an older model van or if it has higher mileage. Though there are ideal models we want to buy, we can help you find a price to sell your van that benefits both of us. It’s the reason we’re trusted by so many in Utah.

Our team will be able to give you a free appraisal of your vehicle, no matter where it is. Then we pay you the cash, and we can have the vehicle towed to where we can make repairs to it.

Why Is My Van Worth More?

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Vans are one of the most popular types of vehicles. Often, people will pay more for a used van than other vehicles because they provide a lot of utility. For one, you can bring more people along on every trip.

Not only can you transport more people, but vans also have more space, which can be used to transport large items or many at once. The versatility of a is why many people and businesses buy them. They hold a lot of resale value, so we’re willing to take the risk for you, even if your van needs some repairs.

Most of the vans we buy are 2006 models or newer. We also prefer vehicles with under 150K mileage. However, if you have a van in good condition that is over 150K miles, or older than 2006, just give us a call!

Why Choose Us

CarSoldForCash is your most convenient option when it comes to selling your vehicle. If you have a car that fits our criteria, we can get you the cash you need. We offer a higher payout than other companies, and you can get it on the same day as coming in. 

After we appraise your vehicle we’ll make you an offer, take care of the paperwork, and tow your vehicle. You’ll get the cash you need as soon as possible. We’ve worked with tens of thousands of cars over the years and have had good reviews from the people we’ve worked with because we strive to maintain an environment of honesty and fairness with our customers. Contact us today to get more information.

Call Car Sold For Cash now for an estimate on your Van especially if it:

  • Has no title
  • Can’t pass an emissions test
  • Has a broken transmission
  • Has a broken or blown engine under the hood
  • Has around a hundred thousand miles on its mileage
  • Oil Leaks
  • Parked and not used for months or years

Sell us your old Van for a top-dollar value. If you need an appraisal for your van, we offer free quotes crafted personally by Big Tane!

With us here at Car Sold For Cash, selling your VAN is as simple as calling and collecting your money. Leave your van for top-dollar value here at Car Sold For Cash!

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