“My husband and I and our two small children were taking our annual summer trip to visit family in Utah when our trusty 1998 Honda CRV with almost 200,000 miles gave up the ghost an hour away from our destination. There we were, 700 miles from home, stranded with a car that had huge engine… Read more »

If your car engine blows up, you’d better hope it happens in Salt Lake City where Big Tane can rescue you! After my friend Alison and I drove 1200 miles in my Toyota Rav4 that I had just gotten in L.A., the engine blew up near Salt Lake City. We were on a deadline to… Read more »

I had been trying to sell this car for a while and through different outlets. No responses when I put it on KSL, flaky people who committed verbally so I held it, but they weren’t true to their word. I also tried Car Max but they don’t come to your house and seemed to me,… Read more »

Tane is great! My car broke down on the way to Colorado and he picked up my clunker. He’s a great guy wth a great personality. Honest and hard working, Tane and Cars sold for Cash is the way to go if you need to sell you car.

Wow!! BEST SERVICE I’VE EVER GOT!! Tane was so knowledgeable, honest, fair and gave me great and fast service!! He came over to pick up my vehicle the same day and was very informative, helpful and fair. I am very happy and would definitely refer him to all my friends!! You’re in Great hands doing… Read more »

I contacted big Tane because of all the positive reviews. I told him the condition of our van over the phone. I explained to him that something had broken internally on the engine and punched a hole through the block. He was honest and upfront, He and his team provided exceptional customer service. The payment… Read more »

If you want want the best deal around combined with the best customer service you’ve ever had selling your car, than look no further. From the initial phone call, to one on one negotiations all the way to the signing of paper work I can honestly say I was completely comfortable. No hassle, no false… Read more »

My husband and I had to get rid of our 2005 Lexus RX330 when the rear axle and transmission were shot.  We could not drive the car so in order to get more than one estimate for fixing it it would have had to have been towed from shop to shop and we knew that… Read more »

Big Tane delivers on his word. I was in a pinch and needed to sell my car. Tane came through with a nice price – took care of the paperwork and picked up the car the next day. Satisfied customer.

Hi my car was recalled very suddenly and no dealer was willing to trade or work with me. Tane was so wonderful to work with. I have a very very busy schedule and no free time. Not only did they come get my recalled car they even were able to help me get into a… Read more »

they did a great job…fair price, easy process, quick turnaround. actually just suggested them to a friend of mine who has a car in similar shape as mine. i’d do it again

I have called big Tane at CarSoldforCash at least 4 occasions. The reason that I continue to use this company is largely because of there superior costumer service. They are very friendly and have always resolved the removal and payment of my old cars in a timely and fair way. They actually paid me more… Read more »

We had this possessed van that I didn’t dare sell to anyone. Big Tane came out and agreed that it was possessed. He was more than fair and we were able to negotiate a deal. The honesty and integrity of these guys at car sold for cash is above and beyond. Thank you guys for… Read more »

I would recommend your services to anyone, you were fast and friendly and offered us more money for our vehicle than any of the competitors, you even followed through with us about the problem with our vehicle just in case we still wanted to repair it.

Working with Tane at carsoldforcash.com, I found the customer service to be top notch! When I called them, they came right over. In fact, I’d say they were WAY fast and gave me CASH on the spot for my car! As an owner of my own company, Kozy HVAC, I really strive to make a… Read more »

Well you never know when the unexpected is going to happen and it did. We had a Jeep with approximately 150k miles on it. One day on the way home from work it started to make knocking noises. The next day we had it towed to our mechanic. He promptly proceeded to tell us it… Read more »

I was hoping I could actually meet Big Tane in person just about as much as I was hoping he was actually legitimate. We met, he made an offer, I accepted, and Big Tane took care of all the rest: towing, title transfer, removal of license plates, payment as promised right on the spot and great conversation. I came away thinking that Big Tane has a caring heart and is as lovable as he is gigantic, and as honest as he is gregarious. He even inspected my second car and gave me free advice on how…

Wow, it finally happened! The dead cars in my driveway are gone! However, not without the help of Big Tane . My credit union could not decide on how to deal with repossessing dead cars. So, after 3 weeks of negotiations with no results, Tane took over. Within two hours and with respect for all… Read more »

On the way home from work, Ken’s truck erupted in flames. After a 10 minute fire, the vehicle was totaled. The police called a tow truck for us and they took it to their tow yard. We didn’t know who will buy a totaled truck in Utah. Tane was the last call I made to… Read more »

I knew exactly who to call when I had a car to sell. This was the second vehicle I sold to Tane through carsoldforcash.com. I found that Tane provided me with GREAT, Prompt, SAME DAY service! The pricing was fair and carsoldforcash.com is always easy to work with! If you are wondering who will pay… Read more »

Working with Tane has been a pleasure, especially in an industry that I have felt mistreated by a fair share of other companies who will buy my car for cash. I first sold my 1999 Saturn SL when the repairs became more of a hassle than keeping the car. That was about 3 years ago… Read more »

He was at my house…as promised, with check in hand. The transaction was easy and Tane was extremely friendly and accommodating. I will definitely recommend Tane to family, friends, coworkers, casual acquaintances, stranded motorists, or absolutelyanyone else who needs to sell a car!

Selling our car with Tane was so easy! He came directly to our home and didn’t pressure us into a price we weren’t comfortable with. He had all the appropriate paperwork, paid in cash, and was out the door in about 10 minutes. He was friendly, easy to work with, showed up on time, and let us know exactly when he was going to pick up our car. We recommend giving Tane a call to get the best price for your used car!

I needed to get the truck sold! While reading the local paper, I spotted the ad for carsoldforcash.com and gave them a call. Big Tane met with me and in no time flat, we had agreed to a fair price and I got my truck sold! Give Big Tane a call, at carsoldforcash.com and you too can find out how easy it can be!!

Was I supposed to donate this car of mine or drive it down and sell it to those guys that advertise they’ll buy my car? After talking with Tane I found out that he would meet me right at my place even though my car was buried in snow. He paid me on the spot and towed it away for free!

I got a call from my daughter. The car broke down in the store parking lot. Tane met me in the store’s parking lot and in a matter of minutes the car was sold! Towing it out of the store’s parking lot at no cost to me was appreciated as well!

My Montero needed to be sold and I really did not have the time to sell it on my own. I was truly way, way, busy. I set an appointment with Tane to meet me in the morning before I needed to go to work. Within 15minutes, the Montero was sold and I was on my way to work.

We gave Big Tane a call and got our Explorer sold same day! As we were doing the paperwork we could not find our title. It was packed away. We had just moved. Tane told us, “No problem” and got it done.
Great Experience!

… what we really appreciated about doing business with Big Tane and carsoldforcash.com was how relaxed we felt doing business with him. In this crazy world we all live in, it is comforting to do business with someone who knows what he’s doing from start to finish.

My wife went to Del Taco with the kids and the Accord rolled while going into the drive up window at Del Taco. We were left with a damaged Accord and didn’t know what to do. Tane paid me right on the spot! He even towed the car away for free.

It goes like this. . . our car that we were driving broke down and we were able to limp it in to the shop that is pictured right behind us. The day I made the phone call was the same day we got our clunker sold for cash. Awesome!!!

Wow, now that’s service!
Big Tane was way easy to work with and paid me right on the spot. No waiting. He bought my car in Utah. That is way cool!!

Wow that was fast!
I got on the phone and made those calls. The 3rd call was to Big Tane. I got cash for my junk car within 45min and loved it!

The house call Big Tane made was really appreciated because, “My explorer was not going anywhere!”

“We have had this truck for a long time in fact, it has become part of the family. Called Tane with CarSoldForCash and Tane made selling our truck easy and fun. What an easy guy to do business with!”

“after having these two vans sitting for a few too many day’s top long. I was told it was time to make room in the driveway for vehicles that were higher up on the status level… Vehicles that ran!”

I called other places and just did not feel all that excited about the bids that I was receiving. Then i called Tane at CarSoldForCash.com and WOW what a difference on his bid!

“We have kept this BIG truck around, thinking we could do something BIG with it, like hauling BIG stuff. Well, our dreams of greatness came to an end when the city told us we needed to get rid of the BIG truck.””

“I was looking for my title and could not find it, they made that way easy too. Tane with CarSoldForCash.com came prepaired to handle the missing title situation so I could get my car SOLD!”

“I did what so many folks do and placed my truck in the online classifieds. I got the calls but also got the headaches that come with trying to sell a car yourself. I called Tane up. I had the truck sold in just a few minutes.”

“Getting rid of my car to CarSoldForCash was incredibly easy! Believe it or not, I have had this car hanging around for at least 2 years!”

I got ahold of CarSoldForCash and they were WAY willing to work around my schedule. They were able to come on over and get it done in the last min.
Not only that, their free pickup was way AWESOME!

CarSoldForCash was buy far the quickest way I have ever sold my car. period!
They even met with me during my lunch break!

Working with CarSoldForCash.com and Big Tane was extraordinary! In fact, Big Tane’s buyer, Tony got ahold of me VERY quickly. He was VERY friendly to work with on a couple of issues I had come across in selling my Jeep. Tony was great to work with and it was appreciated. I would abolutely recommend giving… Read more »

“I am getting ready to leave to the military and needed to drive my car right up to the end, so I called CarSoldForCash.com and hooked up with Big Tane and found the experience way easy. Big Tane was easy to talk to but yet was right to the point, got business done and paid for the car right on the spot.”