Working with Tane has been a pleasure, especially in an industry that I have felt mistreated by a fair share of other companies who will buy my car for cash. I first sold my 1999 Saturn SL when the repairs became more of a hassle than keeping the car. That was about 3 years ago and was beyond impressed when I received a card in the mail from Tane thanking me for my business around Christmas time if my memory serves me correctly. That sort of customer service always sticks out in my mind.

I recently needed to sell a 1993 Ford Thunderbird and at first was not able to find Tane’s contact info and called a few other companies who will buy my car for cash to get offers, they did not come anywhere near as high as the offer I got from Tane. I felt very mistreated and almost as if I was a burden to the other companies, it was a huge relief when I finally came across Tane’s number. I was helping someone get the Thunderbird sold and after I found Tane’s info I said I trust him completely and to take whatever his offer is, of course he had the best offer without any negotiations. The best part is I was dealing with an actual person, not calling into a call center that treats you like a number and not a person. From the moment you meet Tane you can tell you are dealing with an honest and respectful person.

– Cole W.
I was wondering who will buy my car for cash – Then I found car sold for cash!