A Fun Time Selling My Car For Cash

After 9 years and 139,000 miles, my Suzuki had a mechanical problem that caused the engine to seize. My insurance company towed the car to the nearest Suzuki dealer in American Fork. The mechanic told me repairs would cost far, far more than the value of the car. Suddenly, I’m without transportation and have a vehicle with an engine that that won’t even turn over. What to do with the car? I’d never been in this situation before, so I “Googled” how to sell a junk car. I got a long list of businesses who buy cars in any condition. I made inquiries to only a few of them, but immediately began receiving email and phone offers from companies located on the East and West coasts. But one of my inquiries was to www.CarSoldForCash.com , a local company with a local owner. The locality was a real confidence factor for me, especially after I began to get phone calls from “questionable” sounding buyers, from other states, wanting to buy my car with very low ball dollar quotes. I spent some time at www.CarSoldForCash.com and really liked Big Tane’s personality (great video clips) and the testimonials I read. I contacted Big Tane. I was hoping I could actually meet Big Tane in person just about as much as I was hoping he was actually legitimate. We met, he made an offer, I accepted, and Big Tane took care of all the rest: towing, title transfer, removal of license plates, payment as promised right on the spot and great conversation. I came away thinking that Big Tane has a caring heart and is as lovable as he is gigantic, and as honest as he is gregarious. He even inspected my second car and gave me free advice on how to keep it running well.

I actually had fun from the car buying experience with Big Tane. Though painful to lose that car so suddenly, Big Tane made the process easy, entertaining, very interesting and forever memorable.

I unabashedly give my highest recommendation to Big Tane and Car Sold For Cash. I volunteer to be a spokesperson for Big Tane and relate my experience to anyone who wants to call for details! From one salesman to another, you have created impressive and effective marketing tools and you’re a great salesman – the kind of car salesman / buyer who can actually be trusted!

Rick Barlow
Highland, Utah
Selling My Car For Cash

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