Money for Our Vehicle – Thanks for Buying my Lemon!

Hey Tane,

I really wanted to thank you for helping me and my wife out the other day. You really came through when we most needed it and turned a horrible situation into something that we could work with. I can’t tell you enough how grateful we are. I would recommend your services to anyone, you were fast and friendly and offered us more money for our vehicle than any of the competitors, you even followed through with us about the problem with our vehicle just in case we still wanted to repair it. My wife and I were sick to our stomachs when we bought that lemon of a car and had no way of getting our money back let alone moving the vehicle without being charged for towing. We definitely feel like you saved us from a terrible situation. We are glad we’ve got money for our vehicle. Thank you so much!

-Clint Odenwalder

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