My husband and I had to get rid of our 2005 Lexus RX330 when the rear axle and transmission were shot.  We could not drive the car so in order to get more than one estimate for fixing it it would have had to have been towed from shop to shop and we knew that no matter where we went we were looking at putting a lot of money into a 2005 car with over 200,000 miles on it and were at the point of putting good money after bad.
I had no idea what we were going to do with the car so I started checking on how to sell a damaged car.  I found all kinds of websites willing to take the car and they were all out of state and wanted to go back and forth with pictures and haggling on price. It would have meant keeping the car at the repair shop for days (which the shop couldn’t do) or towing it back to our home for who knows how long?!  I saw one of the places — Tane’s business, Car Sold for Cash, had an 801 area code and I am ALWAYS a fan of doing business locally so I called him. 
Tane talked to me first thing the next morning, went to go see the car and matched the offer I had from an online out of state business. We had enough to deal with in having to purchase a new vehicle with NO warning.  The car literally stopped moving on an exit for I-15 (we feel that someone was looking out for us because if it had been on I-15 it would have been a major accident and way more problems than just a car being broken).  I was completely honest with Tane — the car has been meticulously cared for over the 10 years we have owned it and it has had only one driver and no kids. He got the car from the repair shop and came out to our home the same afternoon with a certified check and we signed over the title.  I think that this was a win on both sides – we met a great guy (who our registered therapy dog loved — a definite plus!) Tane got business that he well deserved and and we can just move on from a very stressful situation.
If you need to get rid of your car and are not in a position to wait to sell it yourself and want to deal locally, Tane is your guy!