Well you never know when the unexpected is going to happen and it did. We had a Jeep with approximately 150k miles on it. One day on the way home from work it started to make knocking noises. The next day we had it towed to our mechanic. He promptly proceeded to tell us it needed a new engine. The cost of which was more than what the vehicle was worth.

We weren’t sure what or how to really get rid of it because it no longer ran. I started to do some searching on the internet for salvage or junk cars to see what came up. I called a one company and they would not give me a bid without a guarantee they could buy it. Another only gave me a quote online. I came across Car Sold For Cash in Utah (carsoldforcash.com). I called and spoke with Tane. I told him our situation and he said he would buy the Jeep. He offered me a fair price and we set the appointment for the next day to transfer the vehicle to him. We got our car sold for cash!

Tane met me at my mechanics shop where the vehicle was. He was prompt, friendly and handled the transaction in a professional manner. He brought the cash as he indicated he would in the amount and nothing changed from the phone conversation the day before.

I would recommend Tane and his services to anyone who has a car that they may consider junk. He is upfront and fair in his dealings. Thanks for the help on the disposition of our vehicle. It helped us greatly.

Keith Uderjohn
Car Sold For Cash in Utah