Thank you Tane for taking such good, efficient and professional care of me.

I would like others to know, I called you on a late Monday afternoon, you paid me cash for my ’95 piece of junk by, probably, 6:30 that same day. I was so happy to get rid of that mess. I am very sure all my neighbors are just as happy as I am.

I felt very good talking to Tane on the phone. I found Tane by Googling… JUNK CAR IN SALT LAKE CITY. When he came out, he presented himself in a very professional manner. He was not scary and did not come out in a big, dirty old tow truck. He paid me for my junk car in Salt Lake City and let me know that someone would be by to pick it up the next day or the second day for sure. They came on Tuesday and the eye sore was gone by the time I came home from work. What a very nice treat that was!

I will definitely always let people know about Tane and how it was doing business with him.

A customer who wondered who would buy a junk car in Salt Lake City gets her answer SAME DAY!