Jim and Rayshell Glaab say,

I have been aware of the service that Big Tane brings to the table “he buys cars” that is easy to figure.  I told my sister about Big Tane and that she should give him a call and get her car sold.  A month or so later, I called up Big Tane and he met us within 20 min.  After Tane arrived the car was sold!  We could not find our title. What we thought would be a big speed bump did not slow Big Tane down one bit!
The thing we really appreciated about doing business with Big Tane and carsoldforcash.com was how relaxed we felt doing business with him.  In this crazy world we all live in, it is comforting to do business with someone who knows what he’s doing from start to finish.
Jim & Rayshell Glaab
West Valley City Utah

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