Don & Colby Ries say,

“We have kept this BIG truck around, thinking we could do something BIG with it, like hauling BIG stuff. Well, our dreams of greatness came to an end when the city told us we needed to get rid of the BIG truck.
We wereway disappointed, our BIG dreams were shattered. On top of that, the city told us we would need to be timely about getting rid of this behemouth.
So we got busy. Called up several places and was told that our truck was “too big”, “impossibly huge”, “way too BIG!”¬†UNTIL we called Tane with He did not seem to mind dealing with our ginormous BIG truck at all! In fact, paid us on the spot and made all the necessary arrangements to get this BIG TRUCK MOVED!
WOW that was easy!!”
Don & Colby Ries
Salt Lake City, Utah

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