Curtis Bullock says,

Well..  my wife went to Del Taco with the kids. A pretty normal thing to do.
I got a call from her that the Accord rolled into the drive up window at Del Taco.  Humm… so that meant no Del Taco that night! So we have a damaged accord now, what do we do?
I went surfing for the answer on the internet and ran across and Big Tane.
He met me and paid me right on the spot!  He even towed the car away for free.
Thank’s Big Tane!!
Curtis Bullock
West Valley City Utah

p.s. Big Tane here, and I just wanted to say the following:
When I was talking to Curtis about what started out as a NORMAL run to Del Taco and the car ended up on it’s top NOT NORMAL!  The very first thing that Curtis did was ask his wife if she was OK and if the kids were OK too.  After that, he went to the car being on it’s top at Del Taco. I just want to say Curtis your way to awesome  putting the people in your life first and then things.

Great job!

– Big Tane

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