We are a young couple of 18 and 19 years old just starting to deal with life’s ups and downs on our own when our vehicle gave out for good. Car sold for cash was the first call of many that we had made to local companies that offer to pay cash for your unwanted vehicle. After finishing the calls it was now time to decide which company we would choose. We were a bit nervous in making the decision because we had been warned by friends to use caution so we didn’t get low balled. Tane the owner of Car Sold For Cash had tied for having the highest quote with one other company. It was an easy decision to choose to call Tane at Car Sold For Cash in this important business transaction for many reasons. The biggest of all the reasons was that he was the most personable of the others, and that gave us a feeling that we could trust him. We are so happy that we did. Tane@carsoldforcash has made it possible for us to have a sizable down payment for our new car. We cant thank you enough Tane. You Rock!!

Forever Grateful,

Jaron & Tayler