“My husband and I and our two small children were taking our annual summer trip to visit family in Utah when our trusty 1998 Honda CRV with almost 200,000 miles gave up the ghost an hour away from our destination. There we were, 700 miles from home, stranded with a car that had huge engine issues that would cost more to fix than the car was even worth. Not feeling too hopeful about our situation, I got online to try and find a way we could sell our non-running car.

I stumbled onto Big Tane’s website and read all the testimonials from people who had done business with him before. I immediately trusted this man I had never met, based on what I read, and gave him a call. Tane was super accommodating and helped us out of a pickle by buying our car and getting it towed. I had to have a neighbor mail me the title to my car since it was back at home, and it wasn’t a problem as far as Tane was concerned. We ended up buying a used minivan from KSL classifieds to replace our Honda and named the van Big Tane in honor of the only man who I feel could have and did help us out of our unexpected predicament. Thanks Tane!”