IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR… to sell your car in Salt Lake City.

Holiday cash for your car in Salt Lake City

Twas the month of December and all throughout Utah

families with cars to sell turned to their phones and computahzz

They were broke from black friday and wondered “what will we do?”

“We have not a cent left for stockings or lights at Hogle Zoo”

Then came glad this message like a candy cane gum drop.

“This Christmas shall be magnificent,” yelled the reader, “it shall not be a flop.”

cash for cars, from Jolly ole’ Big Tane

“What a relief; this year we can afford egg nog,” all the Utah families with a car to sell exclaimed.


Sell your car for some holiday green

We are here to help you sell your car for some cold hard cash just in time for the holiday season. It’s so much fun being able to see the smiling faces and relieved countenances of people we’ve helped. Some people are so happy they got cash for their car I swear they could kiss me. I kindly remind them that the green I gave them for their car isn’t a type of mistletoe. This year trust Jolly Ole Big tane and his car buying elves to sell your car for the cash you need to make this a happy holiday season.

Sell you car whether it’s been naughty or nice.

Whether your car has been naughty and you have sunk thousands and thousands of dollars into it and it still doesnt work right, or if it has been nice to you and treated you well but it is time to upgrade your sleigh; we can help. We specialize in buying nice cars that need some work, but also buy clunkers and junk cars as well. So whether your car has a blown motor, bad transmission, or if it just won’t pass IM and safety. Choose carsoldforcash as your solution to sell your car.

Should you sell your car or donate your car?

Many people wonder about this question. This is a great time of year for giving. A lot of people donate time, presents and money. Some people are also thinking about donating a car, but aren’t sure if selling or donating would be best. If you are trying to decide whether to sell your car or donate it; once again Jolly Ole Big Tane and his car buying elves are here to help. If you decide to sell your car you can get the cash from it right now. If you decide to donate it you will be able to write off the proceeds on next years taxes as an itemized deduction. You will either get to write off $500 or the net proceed amount, whichever is higher. If you do decide to donate your car rather than donate it to a mongo organization that has executives making six figure salaries; Donate it to the Bradley Center for Grieving Children and Families. The Bradley Center is a grief center in South Jordan that provides support for families grieving the loss of a loved one. You will get the same deduction as you would if you donated your car to one of these mongo organizations, the difference is that The Bradley Center is 100% run by volunteers. So every dollar from the proceeds would go to helping local Utah families grieving the loss of a loved one. We believe so much in the work that goes on at that Bradley Center that many of us that work at volunteer their own time and money at the Bradley Center.

So if you are looking to sell your car so you can afford some gifts, or to donate it to give a gift; give us a call (801)485-5111




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