Big Tane's Car Buying Adventures

Why choose Big Tane? We make it easy!

Video Transcription:

Big Tane:
This Big Tane coming to you. A lot of folks call me, and a lot of stuff and situations. This is my repeat friend, Claudia and her husband Jason, right? Jason wasn’t here the first time we did business, so why Tane the second or third time? Claudia and Jason?

Let me just tell you it’s hassle-free is number one, it’s just one call and Tane’s come and taken care of us. This is our third, our third transaction. And just, it’s just easy, really that’s it. Easy, and no hassle right?

Big Tane:
That’s easy! We, we, we make it easy. We make it super easy. Right Jason?

That’s right.

Big Tane:
Are you freezing up because you’re on camera?

I don’t talk a lot.

Big Tane:
I don’t talk a lot… Okay. All right. So this is the deal, whether it’s your first time, second time, third time like Claudia and Jason, Right? Third time. Running or not here I come! Give Big Tane a shout and I’ll get it done.

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