Sell your car in Salt Lake City. 27 years of experience you can trust.

Since 1987 tens of thousands of Utah families have trusted us to buy their vehicle.

We’ve been buying cars since the days of the Care Bears, Madonna’s hit single, “Like a Virgin,” and since John Stockton and “The Mailman” Karl Malone first laced up   in a Utah Jazz uniform (short shorts and all).

That is 27 years of experience you can trust!

We have been buying cars

since this ensemble was in style.

You may be wondering way a company that buys cars has a picture of a Cindy Crawford in an 80’s wedding dress on their site. Well we wanted to illustrate just how much experience we have under our belts buying cars in Salt Lake City. We’ve seen many smooth talking car salesman come and go. What we’ve learned from all of those here today gone tomorrow car guys is the importance of integrity and service.

Sell your car to someone who is here to help.

We believe that honesty is the best policy. We are truly here to help. We will take the time to listen to the details around why you are selling your car, and we won’t do you the disservice of trying to put a price to your car without seeing it (especially if you have a nice car that has some problems). Our highly trained team of specialists will come to you and work around your schedule to give you the most fair and honest idea of what we can pay for your car. And guess what? if it doesn’t work out… no hard feelings we will part as friends and give you ideas of other things you could try to sell your car for the amount you are needing to get out of it.

sell your car to someone who specializes

in buying nice cars that have some problems

The other major thing we’ve picked up over the past 27 years is experience. Some dealers and private buyers may curl up into the fetal position and suck on their thumb if you tell them you are trying to sell your car and it has problems, but not us. We have experience in knowing what problems are serious and what problems are worth fixing. We feel our experience and expertise in buying nice cars that need some work is a real service for our community. There are lot’s of junk yards out there that will pay you a few hundred dollars for a car and lots of dealers who will pay you good money for a car with no issues. However, there are very few trustworthy options out there for people trying to sell a nice car that has body damage, or needs a new engine or transmission or simply won’t pass safety and emissions. That is where we come in. If you are selling a nice car with some problems and are looking to be treated right, get a fair price, and exceptional service from someone you can trust… it’s time you give us a call.

Sell your car in Salt Lake City

or Provo, Ogden, Park City or Bountiful

It’s been our pleasure to help the good people of Salt Lake and it’s surrounding areas sell their cars for the past 27 years. If you are looking to sell your car, do yourself a favor and give us a call to find out why tens of thousands of Utah families have turned to us as the solution for getting rid of their vehicle.

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