Sell junk car in Salt Lake City today and get FREE towing!

We’ve been in business, buying junk cars around Salt Lake City day in and day out, for over 25 years!

Do you need to sell junk car in Salt Lake City?

We are the best in the business if you need to sell junk car in Salt Lake City!
Most customers really love the convenience they find in calling us compared to our (usually very grumpy or unfriendly) junk car buying competition for the following reasons:

  • We make it easy!
  • No hassle of lots of paperwork!
  • Cash on the spot! (No checks or waiting!)
  • We come to you!

Here is just some of our most memorable customers, junk cars and other cars.
“Running or not, here we come.” is or slogan… And boy, do we mean it!
Big or small, running or not running, busted or polished – we’re on the job!

Get that old junk, broken, or otherwise useless car out of your hair (or driveway) and give us a call today!


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