Sell a truck for cash in Utah.. and we’ll go the extra mile!

The car buying adventures never end with Big Tane.

Sell a truck for cash in Utah with Car Sold For Cash!

It’s rare that someone wants a pair of reading glasses for payment on their truck or car!  If the occasion needs it – SURE!! .. We’ll go the extra mile to work with our customers!

In this case, Bobby was looking to sell his truck for cash and got a Big Tane bonus!
Tane knows what it’s like to need reading glasses everyday to go over all the paperwork needed when buying trucks or cars.

Today, Big Tane met up with new customer  to buy his truck and he needed some reading glasses to be able to see the documents. After borrowing Big Tane’s glasses, he thought he’d ask if we would throw those in as payment for the truck too.

Guess what Big Tane’s answer was?  … OF COURSE! 


Whatever it takes to work with our customers!
If you’re looking to sell a car or truck for cash, we’re here to make it happen!

Bobby left as a happy customer and sold his truck for cash on the spot (and a pair of reading glasses)

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