Big Tane’s Car Buying Adventures! The wild things we find!

While we’re out and about paying cash for junk cars from our awesome customers along wasatch front here in Utah, we find some really random treasures! People sure like to customize their vehicles.

Buying cars is a big adventure! We find the MOST random things in peoples cars!
What do you decorate your car with?!
Here is just a taste of a few of Big Tane’s most recent finds!

Want a laugh? Check out the Car Sold For Cash Utah Jingle!

Only the greatest companies have jingles. Alka-Selzer, Kit-Kat, Bologna, and of course to name a few. We caught Big Tane on camera to bring you the CSFC jingle. It’s not really our style to throw our jingle out there on the radio. We thought you’d probably like to listen to Big Tane sing MANY more times a day than waiting to hear it on the radio would give you the chance for!