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Tane (00:00):
This is a Big Tane, coming to ya. A lot of folks call me, a lot of situations. Here’s my new friend Craig here
in salt Lake city, Utah. Right, Craig? And, uh, we bought this car from him, but more specifically, a little
bit of a back, little bit of a back story. What was the deal, Craig?

Craig (00:15):
The deal that you gave me was $200.

Big Tane (00:18):
Yes. And what about your brother who passed, your family member, who passed away?

Craig (00:22):
My brother passed away, two days before Christmas with the COVID 19 pneumonia.

Big Tane (00:29):
So you had a car you had to get rid of? And… was I able to help with the particulars on how to do the

Craig (00:37):
Yes. Without you saying, I don’t think I would have been able to go ahead and accomplish this. You had a
lot of detailed information and I’m sure if I went through somebody else would probably not have that
information available.

Big Tane (00:48):
There you go. This is the deal folks. Yes. I, my, my condolences on Craig’s brother who passed away
because of the darn COVID and by the way, I’m not wearing a mask on, but we’ve got a ton of social
distancing between us. But this is the deal. If you have a loved one, somebody, you know, who’s who
has passed away and they’ve got a vehicle they want to get rid of, don’t stress about it. Give me a call. I
know exactly what to do, how to take care of it and all that. And so I worked with Craig and I can work
with you, running or not, here I come. Craig, give big tan a shout and I’ll get it done. Right? You got it. I’ll
talk to you more.

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