Get cash for your car in Salt Lake City without dealing with all the turkeys

Trying to sell a car?

Tired of dealing with all the turkeys, broken appointments, & wasted weekends?

Give us a call (801)485-5111



get cash for your car


Selling your car can be hard

whether you are selling a nice car that has a few little minor problems, or an old junk car that is likely to get up and start tap dancing as it is to run and drive; getting cash for your car 9 times out 10 much harder than withdrawing going to the ATM.

You have to take the time to post it, take all the phone calls set up appointments, wait around when people don’t show up for appointments.We even had a customer tell us that someone showed up to see their car and offered them chickens as a trade….

Don’t sell your car for chickens

Instead of trying to deal with all the turkey’s why don’t you save all that energy and time and go do something fun like snowboarding. Give us a call (801)485-5111. Instead of dealing with turkeys or being paid in chickens we will give you cash for your car.

Get cash for your car from someone you can trust

We have worked hard for A rating with the better business bureau. We are striving every day to set the standard for customer service and integrity. We have page after page of testimonis from good Utah families like you that chose trust carsoldforcash rather than deal with the turkeys to get rid of their car.

27 years of experience hard at work

to get you cash for your car

part of the reason we put so much emphasis on treating you right when you are trying to get cash for your car is we have been doing this since 1987. We’re not some smooth hustler that’s here today and gone tomorrow. We have highly trained specialists with so much experience, they were buying cars since the mailman Karl Malone first laced up and delivered his first dunks for the Utah Jazz (short shorts and all)

Get cash for your car in Salt Lake City

So if you live in Salt Lake City or the surrounding areas and you are trying to get cash for your car; don’t deal with the turkeys, give us a call unstead. Do yourself a favor and use all that time and energy to get in shape for the turkey bowl (you only have two days left, you gotta make every minute and morsel of energy count)


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