You may never need us to pay cash for your car! What’s the secret to car immortality?

Big Tane, owner and founder of Car Sold For Cash has an immortal car! .. Yes, an IMMORTAL CAR! .. basically.

You may never need to get cash for your car! Secret to Car immortality!

Big Tane’s mid-90’s GMC Yukon officially has OVER HALF A MILLION MILES ON IT!

 . . . . 505,141.8 miles are on his car, to be exact.

Do you know the secret to keeping a car like that running for so long?
It’s simple folks, change your oil. 
Sounds too simple to be true, right? Changing the oil in your car will keep your engine running longer and better than you can even imagine.
If I could make any point clear, it would be that changing the oil in your car dramatically reduces the likelihood of your car ever breaking down, or blowing the engine to the point that your car is a total loss. Or, simply put.. way more expensive to fix than it’s worth to you.

You would be surprised how many cars our Car Sold For Cash team buys every week from people who have a blown motor. We’re glad you give you cash for your car but people  are sometimes bummed out and disappointed that they now have to resort to calling us to get paid cash for their car on the spot and have to get their car towed away because THE CAR IS DEAD!

We run into trustworthy and fantastic mechanics and lube shops every so often and in this case, we thought you’d like to know about how well our friends at Xpress Lube in Sandy, Utah take care of all the cars of the Car Sold For Cash team!

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