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Video Transcription: Big Tane:This Big Tane coming to you. A lot of folks call me, and a lot of stuff and situations. This is my repeat friend, Claudia and her husband Jason, right? Jason wasn’t here the first time we did business, so why Tane the second or third time? Claudia and Jason? Claudia:Let me …

Customer Highlight: Adam

Let me tell you about my new friend Adam. Adam’s Car Problem: Adam called me up and relayed to me he had a 2000 Toyota Sienna van he would like gone. Adam has a very busy work schedule and on top of that, his used van had issues on the mechanical side of things that …

Big Tane’s Car Buying Adventures! The wild things we find!

While we’re out and about paying cash for junk cars from our awesome customers along wasatch front here in Utah, we find some really random treasures! People sure like to customize their vehicles.

Buying cars is a big adventure! We find the MOST random things in peoples cars!
What do you decorate your car with?!
Here is just a taste of a few of Big Tane’s most recent finds!