Big Tane: Uber Driver

Video Transcription:

Big Tane: Hey this is Big Tane coming to you. My new friends in the back seat! 

Speaker 2: Yo yo my name’s Tom. Big Tane gets five stars all the way, everyday. 

Big Tane: Well this is the deal. She had her car break down here in Salt Lake City, Utah and she needed it gone, right? And we got it gone, and not only that but I’m giving them a ride to the car rental place! So, this is the deal when you work with Big Tane. Ready or not, here I come. Give Big Tane a shot, I’ll get it done, I’ll even take you to the car rental place. 

Speaker 3: We appreciate him! 

Speaker 2: He bought our car, he bought our car, so like, you know, you know we don’t have a car anymore. 

Big Tane: Well that’s true, but your car didn’t run! 

Speaker 2: So now he’s our so now he’s our number Uber driver, our number one Uber driver  in the whole world. 

Big Tane: So if this doesn’t work out I can try out Uber. 

Speaker 2: Yeah anyway you’d be perfect. You’re the best. 

Big Tane: I’ll talk to you more!

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