There will come a time in everyone’s life where they will start to consider getting a car or replacing an old one with a new one. And will have to decide what to do with their old car. Choosing to sell the vehicle on your own may at first sound like a daunting… Read more »

Junk car in the backyard and doesn’t run? Who you gonna call? CarSoldForCash! So many people get stuck in that similar situation where their car finally makes that last drive and then decides to stop running. And then due to the fact that it is stalled, are hesitant to even think about selling it because… Read more »

Let me tell you about my new friends Brian & Sunhee. Their Car Story: They had too many vehicles and it was time to say goodbye to their Honda Odyssey van. Big Tane’s Solution: This van was an awesome. It was running and drove well. I was able to pay them top dollar! So you… Read more »

Let me tell you about my new friend Adam. Adam’s Car Problem: Adam called me up and relayed to me he had a 2000 Toyota Sienna van he would like gone. Adam has a very busy work schedule and on top of that, his used van had issues on the mechanical side of things that… Read more »

The common adage is that when you’re buying a car, the moment you drive it off the lot is the moment its value starts to depreciate. Your car continues to depreciate in the first five years to the point where this decline costs more fuel, maintenance, and insurance combined. Now, “experts” from auto sources like… Read more »

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When you are searching for places that buy junk cars, look no further than Utah Because we can strip usable parts for resale and recycle the rest, we pay the most cash for your junk car. This environmentally friendly process allows us to pay premium rates for your junk or damaged car. The method… Read more »

When you want to find a place that pays cash for junk cars, trust the professionals at Utah CarSoldForCash. Just contact us either online or over the phone with information including the year, make and model. Without requesting any of your personal information, we will provide an offer in minutes. After you accept it, we… Read more »

Ahhhhh! you can finally relax now that the holidays are over. The presnts have been opened, most likely some of the toys have already been broken. Speaking of broke, are you one of the thousands of Utah families feeling that way right now? Well if you are selling a car in Utah, you don’t have… Read more »

Twas the month of December and all throughout Utah families with cars to sell turned to their phones and computahzz They were broke from black friday and wondered “what will we do?”“We have not a cent left for stockings or lights at Hogle Zoo”Then came glad this message like a candy cane gum drop.“This Christmas… Read more »

Since 1987 tens of thousands of Utah families have trusted us to buy their vehicle. We’ve been buying cars since the days of the Care Bears, Madonna’s hit single, “Like a Virgin,” and since John Stockton and “The Mailman” Karl Malone first laced up   in a Utah Jazz uniform (short shorts and all). That… Read more »

We want to thank you for trusting us to buy your car since 1987 I can’t believe how time flies. We have been buying cars since 1987! That is 27 years of buying cars from Utah families all across the wasatch front.   A company you can trust to buy your car In the 27 years… Read more »

Thank you to all that have fought for our freedom. This veterans day we wanted to take a second to Honor all of our brave defenders that for the past 200+ years have fought to defend the freedoms of this great nation.   5% extra cash for cars for Veterans For the entire week of  11/11… Read more »

Cash for Cars in Utah county! and Go Chargers Go! Thanks Rex of Lindon, Utah for selling us your “Charger-mobile” We had such a blast working with Rex. He is one of thousands of families that have turned to as the solution to getting rid of their vehicle. We definitely encounter some unique people… Read more »

Our customers often contact us wondering where in Utah we buy cars. We buy cars Salt Lake City Provo Ogden Park City and all over the Wasatch front! Big Tane has been in the business of buying cars and clunkers in and around Salt Lake City for almost 30 years at this point. We’ve got buyers… Read more »

We are a family owned and operated business and our entire world revolves around helping folks out who have that same question in mind, “Who will buy my car in Salt Lake City, Utah?” We have been along a lot longer than almost any other company you will talk to! Get cash on the spot for a used car, truck or van!

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We have to tell you that this is one of the dirtiest vans Big Tane has ever seen in his life! What can we say?! He should have found some rubber gloves and a haz-mat suit to go through the contents of this van! A picture is worth a thousand words but this van needs more than a thousand words to explain the STUFF found in this car. When people wonder where to sell a car or van in Salt Lake City, UT they know it’s a good choice to call Big Tane and the family at We can handle ANY car in ANY condition.
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The car buying adventures never end with Big Tane and
It’s rare that someone wants a pair of reading glasses for payment on their truck or car! If the occasion calls for it – SURE!! .. We’ll go the extra mile to work with our customers!

Company founder, Big Tane has been buying cars for almost 30 years in Salt Lake City, Utah! If you are wondering where to sell your car in Salt Lake City, call the Utah professionals!
Car buying is a great adventure! Big cars and small cars Big Tane has bought them all!

Valentine’s Day is coming right around the corner! Are you feeling lucky? Feel like you want to win something?
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Many people call us looking to get cash for their junk or broken down car to help pay for holiday gifts or other expenses. Even though the leaves have changed colors, fall is the time to capture some “green”.

While we’re out and about paying cash for junk cars from our awesome customers along wasatch front here in Utah, we find some really random treasures! People sure like to customize their vehicles.

Buying cars is a big adventure! We find the MOST random things in peoples cars!
What do you decorate your car with?!
Here is just a taste of a few of Big Tane’s most recent finds!

A broken car can break your heart! Selling a Car For Cash in Salt Lake City will ease the pain At Car Sold For Cash we have seen that automotive break ups can be just as painful and just as heartbreaking as humanoid break ups when someone is selling a car for cash in Salt… Read more »

Only the greatest companies have jingles. Alka-Selzer, Kit-Kat, Bologna, and of course to name a few. We caught Big Tane on camera to bring you the CSFC jingle. It’s not really our style to throw our jingle out there on the radio. We thought you’d probably like to listen to Big Tane sing MANY more times a day than waiting to hear it on the radio would give you the chance for!

While we’re out buying cars, we find some amazing things. Here’s another CarSoldforCash treasure! Check out this mail box! We fell in love!