Meet the Founder of Car Sold For Cash, Big Tane!

People tell me what a pleasurable experience it is when they deal with me and that’s something I never want to change. Maybe that’s why I have purchased over 27,000 cars from people just like you over the past 23 years! If you are looking for an honest and fair guy to work with, and simply the fastest, easiest and most enjoyable way to sell your car, please just call or email me, and I will personally take care of you. I answer the phone, and I respond instantly.

Big Tane’s Big FACTS:

  • 6’7” of PURE LOVE!
  • “When life throws you a curve, lean into it.” (BMW motorcycle riding FAN!)
  • Favorite Web Site:’s Snow Cam.
  • “I ♥ skiing!”
  • Prefers GMC Yukon over Mini Cooper
  • “Tane”-ism: “I’m going mach 10 with my hair on fire!”

30+ Years strong and buying cars is still my passion!

I take care of my customers. Let me help you make your next sale an enjoyable experience for a change! To get started, and for a quote over the phone, just give me a call at:

CALL 801-485-5111