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  • Michelle Holt Testimonial

    “My husband and I and our two small children were taking our annual summer trip to visit family in Utah when our trusty 1998 Honda CRV with almost 200,000 miles gave up the ghost an hour away from our destination. There we were, 700 miles from home, stranded with a car that had huge engine […]

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    - Michelle Holt
  • Money for Our Vehicle

    I would recommend your services to anyone, you were fast and friendly and offered us more money for our vehicle than any of the competitors, you even followed through with us about the problem with our vehicle just in case we still wanted to repair it.

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    - Clint Odenwalder
  • Boaz sell car for cash

    Working with Tane at, I found the customer service to be top notch! When I called them, they came right over. In fact, I’d say they were WAY fast and gave me CASH on the spot for my car! As an owner of my own company, Kozy HVAC, I really strive to make a […]

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    - Boaz Cunz
  • Tane bought my Junk Car

    Well you never know when the unexpected is going to happen and it did. We had a Jeep with approximately 150k miles on it. One day on the way home from work it started to make knocking noises. The next day we had it towed to our mechanic. He promptly proceeded to tell us it […]

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    - Keith Uderjohn
  • Who buys broken down cars in Salt Lake City, Utah?

    I was hoping I could actually meet Big Tane in person just about as much as I was hoping he was actually legitimate. We met, he made an offer, I accepted, and Big Tane took care of all the rest: towing, title transfer, removal of license plates, payment as promised right on the spot and great conversation. I came away thinking that Big Tane has a caring heart and is as lovable as he is gigantic, and as honest as he is gregarious. He even inspected my second car and gave me free advice on how…

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    - Rick Barlow
  • Tane and Car Sold For Cash bought our junk car

    We are a young couple of 18 and 19 years old just starting to deal with life’s ups and downs on our own when our vehicle gave out for good. Car sold for cash was the first call of many that we had made to local companies that offer to pay cash for your unwanted […]

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    - Jaron & Tayler
  • sell a car for cash in sandy

    Wow, it finally happened! The dead cars in my driveway are gone! However, not without the help of Big Tane . My credit union could not decide on how to deal with repossessing dead cars. So, after 3 weeks of negotiations with no results, Tane took over. Within two hours and with respect for all […]

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    - Susie of Sandy
  • Who Will Buy a Totaled Truck in Utah?

    On the way home from work, Ken’s truck erupted in flames. After a 10 minute fire, the vehicle was totaled. The police called a tow truck for us and they took it to their tow yard. We didn’t know who will buy a totaled truck in Utah. Tane was the last call I made to […]

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    - Ken's Wife
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Ready to Sell a Car in Salt Lake City?

Are you wondering where to sell a car in Salt Lake City for cash? What about that car that doesn’t run that is in your driveway?

Sell a car in Salt Lake City Today!

Would you like to turn your car into cash?  Call Big Tane and his team today and he will be glad to buy your car for cash. We have been buying cars in Salt Lake City and the Wasatch front for nearly 30 years and we come to you!
Check out the testimonials! See how your neighbors enjoyed working with us. We are the trusted, local resource in the business. Feel free to visit our listing with the Better Business Bureau.

Get Cash for Clunkers Before the snow hits in SLC, UT

Fall is a beautiful time of year. The leaves start turning colors, the heat of the summer starts to cool and nice crisp mornings return. For many of us, fall also marks the time to start cleaning and getting things ready for winter. Many people wonder what they are going to do with their extra car or junk car, truck or van for the winter time. Some people are even concerned about whether their car will even make it through the winter. What if I told you that we give cash for clunkers? We buy cars, trucks and vans; even if it is a junk car!

We Pay Cash for Clunkers

Sell your car to Get Ready for a white winter in SLC, UT.

We specialize in buying nice cars that need some TLC, we are also are happy to get your junk cars out of the driveway or from under the pile of weeds that grew around it over the summer! Many people have old, and sometimes not so old, junk cars, trucks and vans that they want to get rid of but just don’t know how. That is where I come in! We will come to you and pay cash for clunkers whether they are running or not. And because I like you so much before I’ve even met you; anytime we give cash for clunkers and especially when we buy your car, if it doesn’t run we will tow it for free.

We specialize in buying nice cars that need some TLC

We buy cars for $1000′s more

Many people decide that fall is the perfect time to upgrade their car. Winters can be treacherous with all of the ice and snow and making sure that you have a reliable car, truck or van for winter can make the winter much more enjoyable. That’s why fall time is the perfect time to get cash for clunkers. So before you buy a car and trade your old car into the dealer or deal with all the brain damage of trying to sell it online, PLEASE call me! We will treat you right, provide a fair price, and exceptional service and best of all we pay cash for clunkers. Just the other day a gentleman called me right before he was to sell his car to another dealer. I was able to offer him almost $1000 more than he was offered. As you can guess, he sold his car for cash to me.

Let’s get you some “green.” Cash for Clunkers in SLC

Even though the leaves are changing colors, fall is the time to capture some “green”. This fall, let me put some “green” in your wallet. If you are looking to sell your car, even a junk car or get cash for clunkers, please call me. I buy cars, trucks and vans daily and I would love to buy your car today! Remember, I pay cash for clunkers, nice cars, old cars, and old junk cars. Give us a call. It’s time to get cash for clunkers before the falling leaves turn to falling snow.

Sell a car or clunker for cash today!

Call the most trusted company in Utah!

Many people have cars and trucks that have just been sitting. The car may not run and you have found that it is just going to cost too much to repair. Sell a car or clunker for cash today! Many people in this situation think the only option they have is to pay someone to come and tow their car away. They don’t realize that not only will Big Tane buy their car for cash but will also tow the car for free when he buys it! How great would it be to have a cleaner looking yard AND have some extra spending cash?

What do you do if you want to sell a car for cash that is not a junk car?

Trading your car in to a dealer IS NOT the only option!

The answer is to Call Big Tane! Don’t sell your car to a dealer where you won’t get the full value! Big Tane absolutely LOVES to buy cars. Buying cars is his passion and he will work very hard to make sure that you get a great deal.

While not all dealerships take advantage of people that want to sell their car, there are those out there that will only give you the least amount of money possible to get you to sell them your car. I had a friend that traded in a Jeep Cherokee that was worth about $12,000 to the dealer for only $5,000 to use towards the purchase of another vehicle. Unfortunately, I found out about this too late. I could have helped him sell his car for much more than he received by simply trading in his car to the dealer.

If you want to sell your car or if you have a car you want to trade in for cash so you can buy a car, please do yourself a favor and call Big Tane! He will buy your car for cash. You can then use the cash to buy another car or spend it on whatever it is you want.

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