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Would you like to turn your car into cash?  Call Big Tane and his team today and he will be glad to buy your car for cash. We have been buying cars in Salt Lake City and the Wasatch front for nearly 30 years and we come to you!
Check out the testimonials! See how your neighbors enjoyed working with us. We are the trusted, local resource in the business. Feel free to visit our listing with the Better Business Bureau.

Sell your car in SLC for cash

If you are one of the thousands of Utah families each year that has a car that has some body damage, won’t pass emissions or inspections, or needs a new engine or transmission and you ate finally ready to be done, give us a call to get cash for your car.

We Buy Nice Cars Too!

If you have an old car that is more likely to fly off into the Christmas sky being pulled by a reindeer with a bright red nose than it is to run and drive; we buy those cars too, but our specialty is buying nice cars that need some work. So if you are looking to sell your car because it has a blown motor, a bad transmission, body damage or just won’t pass emissions and inspections; if it’s a nice car that needs some work, you’ve come to the right place.

When most people think about the used car and autosalvage worlds, usually two things come to mind; Skeezy and not trustworthy. We’ve never been big fans of getting lumps of coal for Christmas. Honesty and integrity are of the up most importance to us. We’ve worked hard for A rating with the Better Business Bureau, and receive positive reviews from your neighbors and friends, that live right here in the Wasatch Front, week after week and month after month.

If you have a nice car that needs some work. You are on luck. We specialize in buying nice cars that need a little TLC. Whatever the reason may be whether your car had turned into a money pit and you refuse to put another dime into it, or of your car unexpectedly accrued more mechanical bills than you have dollar bills we are here to help. For Most dealers cars with body or mechanical damage just cause them brain damage and they aren’t able to pay much for them. Likewise trying to sell a car that needs work on your own can bea frustrating wild goose chase. Do your self a giant favor and save yourself a world of headache and give us a call. Let our 30 years experience help you sell your car with a blown motor, body damage or whatever your car troubles may be.

We specialize in buying nice cars that need some TLC, we are also are happy to get your junk cars out of the driveway or from under the pile of snow in the corner of your driveway. Many people have old, and sometimes not so old, cars, trucks and vans that they want to get rid of but just don’t know how. That is where I come in! We will come to you and pay cash for clunkers whether they are running or not. And because I like you so much before I’ve even met you; anytime we give cash for clunkers and especially when we buy your car, if it doesn’t run we will tow it for free.

Many people have cars and trucks that have just been sitting. The car may not run and you have found that it is just going to cost too much to repair. Sell a car or clunker for cash today! Many people in this situation think the only option they have is to pay someone to come and tow their car away. They don’t realize that not only will Big Tane buy their car for cash but will also tow the car for free when he buys it! How great would it be to have a cleaner looking yard AND have some extra spending cash?

Trading your car in to a dealer IS NOT the only option!

The answer is to Call Big Tane! Don’t sell your car to a dealer where you won’t get the full value! Big Tane absolutely LOVES to buy cars. Buying cars is his passion and he will work very hard to make sure that you get a great deal.

While not all dealerships take advantage of people that want to sell their car, there are those out there that will only give you the least amount of money possible to get you to sell them your car. I had a friend that traded in a Jeep Cherokee that was worth about $12,000 to the dealer for only $5,000 to use towards the purchase of another vehicle. Unfortunately, I found out about this too late. I could have helped him sell his car for much more than he received by simply trading in his car to the dealer.

If you want to sell your car or if you have a car you want to trade in for cash so you can buy a car, please do yourself a favor and call Big Tane! He will buy your car for cash. You can then use the cash to buy another car or spend it on whatever it is you want.